American Hunter Shells Out $110G for Trophy Hunt of Rare Mountain Goat

February 12, 2019Feb 12, 2019

Hunting is a very controversial topic. Many people feel very strongly about animals and while some see hunting as a means of conservation, others feel it is simply unnecessary and very cruel.

Recently, an American hunter made global headlines after spending a massive amount of money on a trophy hunt in Pakistan. The hunt was set up for a Texas businessman to be able to kill a very rare mountain goat that lives in the region.

"An American trophy hunter from Texas has caused an uproar in Pakistan after hunting down a mountain goat – an official national symbol – paying a record $110,000 to shoot as part of a conservation program," reported Fox News.

The hunter, Bryan Kinsel Harlan, opened up about the experience.

“It was an easy and close shot and I am pleased to take this trophy,” Harlan told Pakistan's Dawn News, who first published a photograph of him kneeling and smiling behind a wild Astor markhor.

Social media ignited in a firestorm over the controversial photos. Hunters defended the images by saying that the money that is spent hunting the goats gets distributed to the impoverished residents in the areas. Additionally, money is given to the guides to hunters.

Some people in the region believe the hunting of the rare Pakistan mountain goat is a bigger event. They see it as a way of making global relations with the western world.

“This is not just about hunting,” Tabarak Ullah, the hunter who guided Harlan during the hunt, said. “The number of animals is increasing, and these foreign hunters are millionaires who go back and tell the world that Pakistan is safe.”

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