American Bar Association Closes Review on Kavanaugh, Some People Furious About Results

October 16, 2018Oct 16, 2018

At the beginning of October, Justice Brett Kavanaugh was sworn into the Supreme Court. The swearing-in ceremony followed weeks of drama as harmful allegations were being investigated against Judge Kavanaugh. 

Throughout the emotional process consisting of a media outcry, a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, and a seventh FBI investigation, several organizations that had previously supported Judge Kavanaugh suddenly withdrew their recommendations. One organization was the American Bar Association.

The ABA had previously given Brett Kavanaugh a "well qualified" rating for the Supreme Court. However, they revealed that they would be re-opening their reviewing process of the rating when the allegations about Kavanaugh emerged. 

Now, a week after the Senate decided to confirm Justice Kavanaugh, the American Bar Association has revealed that they are closing their investigation. Rather than coming to a conclusion through the reviewing process, they said that they would be closing their review due to the fact that the judge had already been confirmed. 

Because of that, Justice Kavanaugh will maintain his "well qualified" review from the ABA.

The ABA's website states, "Per the published policy and historical practice of the Standing Committee on the Federal Judiciary, once a justice or judge is confirmed,  the Standing Committee's rating process is closed."

The Daily Wire noted that Kavanaugh's highest possible rating from the ABA is not good news for those who opposed the judge's nomination. However, it is great news for President Trump and the Senate who nominated and confirmed him, respectively.

What do you think about the American Bar Association's final review of Justice Kavanaugh? Let us know. In other recent news, the world is in mourning over the sudden loss of revolutionary tech giant.

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