Christian TV Actor Opens Up About Important Role of God in His Career

September 07, 2017Sep 07, 2017

Chris Massoglia began as a homeschooler and has made his way to Hollywood as a television and movie actor. Unlike most of his colleagues, however, Massoglia is an outspoken Christian and is featured to star in the new pro-life film "Because of Gracia." Today LifeSite News published a fascinating interview with him.

Chris Massoglia, a pro-life actor and Christian, is proud of his support for the life movement. 

"I am super passionate about life," he told LifeSite. "I speak up for the unborn at every opportunity and am a HUGE supporter of Students For Life because they are impacting the next generation and turning the tide on the pro-life issue in America. I sell LIFE hats on my website and donate the proceeds to Students For Life."

He is also a proud Christian whose faith has played a primary role in his acting career.

Massoglia's career as an actor started when he was a homeschooler dancing in a small performance. A lady watching the show approached him and asked if he would like to audition for a commercial. In a life-changing turn of events, he landed the role. He then auditioned for a big movie when he was ten, which eventually landed him a job on "Law and Order."

Apparently, he also had landed a role in a film called "Birth," where as an eleven-year-old he was expected to engage in a love scene with a female actor. His parents didn't feel comfortable with him acting in the scene, which prevented him from getting the role. But Massoglia is certain that his parents made the right decision. 

"Most parents, especially Christian parents, are protective and have a good idea of what’s right for their kid," he told LifeSite News. "It’s hard sometimes when you get these opportunities which could lead to success, open doors and building a career in entertainment. Parents have to not let anything cloud their wisdom." 

After his acting career seemed to be dying down, Massoglia's pastor was watching the movie "God's Not Dead" with a friend, and began praying that young Massoglia would be able to act in a similar movie. At first, Massoglia was hesitant, since Christian films usually have the stigma of being "cheesy" and haunted by "bad acting." But three days later, he got a shocking email from his manager requesting that he audition for the part.

"OK, Lord, is it You?" he asked. So he auditioned and landed the part. In retrospect, he claims that it was his best experience as an actor.

"I auditioned for [Grácia], and I got the part," he told LifeSite. "We shot the film, and it was one of the best experiences [for me] so far as an actor. I’ve been so blessed to be part of this film, and it’s changed my perspective on how to be involved [in film]. Being a part of Grácia has really opened doors and relationships in this circle of the industry that I had had no exposure to."

Massoglia claims that God doesn't want him to be a big-time actor, or to win an Oscar and make it big. Rather, he is supposed to do something far more meaningful: be an actor that puts God first and fame second.

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