America Turns Anger Towards Obama After Truth Revealed in Disturbing Photos

June 23, 2018Jun 23, 2018

President Trump has been painted as a monster in recent weeks by once trusted news organizations for enforcing immigration laws that were set in place by previous administrations.

Haunting images of crying toddlers and children in cages have been splashed across the mainstream media and social media. Outrage has poured in from all corners of the globe. Massive amounts of money have been raised off the back of those images to help the victims of 'Trump’s policies.'

However, as it seems to happen quite frequently in the age of ultra-biased media, the stories behind the photos quickly fell apart. The photos were either staged, taken out of context or were from a time before Trump became president.

The same news outlets that are now openly accusing Trump of ripping children from their families and placing them in facilities they liken to concentration camps were oddly silent during the last administration.

A lawsuit filed in 2015, during former president Obama’s administration reveals just how appalling the conditions were prior to Trump. 

The following captioned photos, courtesy of the American Immigration Council, are likely ones you’ve never seen on the mainstream media. (WARNING: They are disturbing.)

How do you feel after seeing this photos? How do you think President Trump should fix this crisis?