America’s Favorite Christian Reality Star Faces Million Dollar Lawsuit

April 28, 2017Apr 28, 2017

‘Fixer Upper’ star Chip Gaines is being sued by his former business partners for over one million dollars for fraud.

His ex-business partners claimed Gaines bought their shares of ‘Magnolia Realty’, the official Real Estate office of Chip and Joanna Gaines, for only $2,500 two days prior to ‘Fixer Upper’ was picked up by HGTV.

Fox News reported details on the million-dollar lawsuit:

"In summary, at a time when only the Defendants knew that 'Fixer Upper' had been fast-tracked for a one-hour premiere on HGTV and was on the verge of radically changing their lives and business enterprises, Chip Gaines conspired to eliminate his business partners -- notwithstanding their longstanding friendship-- in order to ensure that he alone would profit from Magnolia Realty's association with Fixer Upper."

The Gaines’ lawyer told Fox that these accusations are ‘meritless’ and it’s disappointing to see others taking advantage of the Gaines’ family.

Gaines tweeted bible verse John 1:5 on Friday, which many believe is in response to the rise of this lawsuit.

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