America Does Not Have A Gun Problem, Here’s WHY.

June 13, 2016Jun 13, 2016

How many guns were used on 9/11 to kill over 3,000 Americans? Zero. Three planes were taken over by terrorists with box cutters. A gun law would have done absolutely nothing to prevent this.

Timothy McVeigh brought down the Federal building in Oklahoma City with a box truck and fertilizer that he used to make a bomb. Name one gun law that would have prevented this? You can’t.

The Tsarnaev brothers terrorized the Boston marathon with two duffle bags, two pressure cookers, and assorted hardware. How could a gun law have prevented this tragedy?

While guns are one of the weapons of choice for terrorists, not having access to guns would not stop terrorists from attacking innocent civilians and spreading their hate. Taking away guns only serves to leave more and more people unprotected and makes them easier targets.

It’s very simple really. America does not have a gun problem. It has a terrorist problem and a leadership problem.