Amazing Woman Sets Insane Record in All 50 States

May 30, 2018May 30, 2018

America is an amazing place. There are 50 fabulous states that make up our great nation and each one is unique and special.

While some people never even make it to all the corners of the United States, one amazing woman did! She even completed an amazing goal along the way!

According to reports, a 71-year-old woman has completed her mission of performing a headstand in all 50 states. What's almost as impressive as the headstands across the nation is the fact that the woman was over 70 years old!

"The Ketchikan Daily News reports retiree Anne Bruinooge checked the last state off her list Thursday as she laid down a mat and did a headstand outside of the Alaska newspaper’s office," wrote the Associated Press.

Apparently, Anne had been traveling the country for the past ten years. Every time she would come to a new state while traveling with her husband, she would always stop and take a picture doing a headstand.

What an awesome way to spend retirement and explore our great nation! Please join us in congratulating Anne on this awesome accomplishment!

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