Amazing News for George H.W. Bush After Major Health Scare and Hospitalization

May 04, 2018May 04, 2018

On April 17, former First Lady of the United States Barbara Bush passed away. Only a few days later, her husband of several decades, former President George H. W. Bush, was hospitalized.

The 93-year-old was rushed to the hospital over a major health scare. According to doctors, he had a life-threatening blood infection. He was sent immediately to the Intensive Care Unit.

Earlier this week, the former president made a turn for the better and was moved out of the ICU. According to reports, he was found to be in good spirits and was recovering well.

Now, two weeks after he was sent to the hospital, the Bush family spokesman released some exciting news on Friday night. George H. W. Bush has been released from the hospital!

Jim McGrath said, “His doctors report he is doing well and is happy to return home.”

Earlier this week, Bush released a statement from his hospital bed and talked about the atrium that the hospital decided to name after his beloved late wife.

He said, “Quite moved by this announcement by Houston Methodist Hospital. The atrium is beautiful. But recent developments notwithstanding I have not taken up residence here. The doctors, nurses and support staff are so nice, but the second I get the green light I’m outta here.”

Now, that time has come! This wasn’t the first time that Bush has been hospitalized in recent years. In fact, in the last few years, he has been sent to the hospital multiple times, including twice last year. Once was for pneumonia, and the other was for a broken bone in his neck.

Please continue to keep the Bush family in your prayers. Share your thoughts and prayers here! In other recent news, a popular summertime food was just recalled after having links to paralysis. Keep it out of your kitchen!

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