Super Easy New iPhone Trick Will Automatically Make Your Speakers Play Louder

June 06, 2018Jun 06, 2018

Some of the most popular phones in the world have recently been invented. The iPhone has been around for quite a long time and it seems like nearly everyone owns the iconic cell phone.

Many people use it for a multitude of things. Some people send emails, surf the internet, or even listen to music. Now, there is a super easy new trick that will help you when listening to things from your phone!

"Your iPhone contains equaliser settings that can be tweaked to make songs and videos even louder. To track them down, start by going into settings and tap on the icon that says Music. Next select the EQ option for equaliser. Scroll through this section until you reach the Late Night icon. Then tap it," reported The Sun.

We tried it for ourselves and it worked! Our music sounds even clearer and more vibrant than before!

"What sounds like a setting for Jazz enthusiasts is actually a shortcut to loud sounds on the iPhone. You should immediately notice the difference as soon as you activate the option. Apple claims that Late Night compresses the Dynamic Range of the audio," reported The Sun.

Go ahead and give this a shot! Then let us know if you are happy with the results. Don't worry, you can always turn it off if you prefer to listen to you speakers how they originally were.

What do you think about this? Let us know! Also, be sure to read our latest story about volcanic eruptions taking place in Hawaii.

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