Amanda Knox Returns to Italy for First Time Since Infamous Murder Case

June 13, 2019Jun 13, 2019

Amanda Knox is one of the most famous young women to ever make headlines around the world. Accused of killing her roommate and then imprisoned by Italian authorities, Knox made world news. She was later released and her conviction was overturned.

She returned home to the U.S. and has since lived in Washington state. However, she is now doing something for the first time since the murder saga all began.

"Amanda Knox returned to Italy on Thursday for the first time since she was freed from prison there, after she was acquitted in a sensational murder case that captivated the public for years. Knox agreed to speak at the Criminal Justice Festival’s 'Trial by Media' panel in Modena on Saturday, the latest step in her long journey back to public life," reported the Washington Post.

She was seen arriving at the airport. She was accompanied by police guards and she had family members by her side. When approached by reporters Knox kept her head down and didn't answer their questions.

"Knox wrote on Twitter that she had declined to conduct interviews ahead of her panel appearance. But in a Wednesday Medium post titled 'Your content, my life,' Knox recalls feeling violated by the highly public nature of her trial and spoke of her apprehension about returning to Italy," reported the Washington Post.

Many suspected she would never set foot in the country that had once imprisoned her. However, it appears it is important for Amanda to speak her truth.

She hosts a podcast, “The Truth About True Crime,” which focuses on wrongful-conviction cases, and “The Scarlet Letter Reports,” a collaboration between Facebook and Vice Media in which women speak to Knox about “the deeply personal journey of being sexualized, scrutinized, and demonized by the media — and how they’ve rebuilt their lives after their most personal details have been made public,” according to a Facebook description.

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