Amanda Seyfried ‘Loved’ This Part of Elizabeth Holmes’ ‘Dropout’ Persona

She’s only human. Amanda Seyfried may not “agree” with what Elizabeth HolmesAlthough she was accused of defrauding people with her technology for blood tests, she did embrace her quirks. Dropout role.

“I loved how awkward our version of [her] teenage years were,” the 36-year-old actress exclusively told Us Weekly2022 Variety’sThursday, May 5th: Power of Women event “I think any young woman, or man, can relate to that awkwardness of, like, knowing what you want do and not knowing how to go about it.”

The Mean Girls star added: “And also knowing the limitations — especially being a young woman — in the fields she wanted to enter into. And I think that’s relatable.”

Amanda Seyfried & Elizabeth Holmes
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Seyfried played Holmes, 38, on the Hulu’s miniseries, which premiered in March, telling the story of the Theranos founder from her childhood through her decision to drop out of college and start her tech company.

“I was on the dance team as well [as was Elizabeth]. And for some reason that really helped me get into her head,” the Big Love alum continued. “Like, I know what that’s like to be in the third row of the dance team. I understood that. I shot all those early scenes early, so that was really helpful in getting me to the next phase of her journey.”

The Dropout eventually detailed what happened to the entrepreneur when her attempt to revolutionize healthcare by only using a finger prick’s worth of blood to test for illness ended in scandal and fraud in 2016.

Holmes and Theranos president and CEO Sunny Balwani were charged with “massive fraud” in 2018 by the SEC and later pleaded not guilty to multiple counts of wire fraud and conspiracy to commit wire fraud. Holmes was found guilty in January of four counts for defrauding investors and will be sentenced in September.

“I don’t agree with anything she did, but I can understand how she started and how it was formulated,” Seyfried told UsThursday “I’m not that big of a dreamer so I don’t understand that, but I appreciate it.”

The Mank star noted that there are “a lot of things” she appreciated about the businesswoman, but “as she got older, as her journey unfolded, I was like, I don’t [get it]. … It was a fascinating journey for me.”

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