Amal Hit Him With $570 Million Divorce Threat

George Amal ClooneyOne of the most talked-about Hollywood marriages. While the couple is beloved by many, that hasn’t stopped the tabloids from gossiping about their relationship. One tabloid even claimed the couple’s marriage was imploding, resulting in a pricey divorce battle. Let’s take another look at this rumor.

Amal Clooney Serves George A ‘$570 Million’ Divorce Ultimatum?

The following was published in January. Globe Published a story on the Clooneys that no other tabloids could match for the rest of the year. According to the report George Clooney wanted Amal and his parents to move in with them. As his mom and dad got up there in age, George couldn’t help but feel obligated to see them through their final years. “George’s parents are getting up there in age — his dad, Nick, is 86 and his mom, Nina, is 82 — and he feels it’s his duty to have them move out of their home in Kentucky and live with them in LA,” an insider revealed.

Amal was the only problem in his plans. While George was rejoicing over all the time his kids would get to spend with their grandparents, Amal was “dead set against it.” She didn’t want the stress of dealing with George’s parents while raising their two kids and juggling careers. Apparently, the human rights lawyer even “gave George an ultimatum,” saying it’s either them or her. But George wasn’t going to settle for those options. “Now he’s scratching his head trying to come up with a solution for moving his parents in that Amal will accept — and make him happy too,” the tipster concluded.

What Really Happened with the Clooneys

There was absolutely no evidence to support this story then, and there certainly isn’t now. Clooney still jet-sets around the world almost a full year later for his work. He certainly isn’t moving his parents into his house just yet since he rarely stays in one house for very long anyway. George is actually currently working on an Australian project. While we don’t doubt George cares for his parents and takes care of them in other ways, this was just a totally baseless tale.

As for Amal, it’s outright offensive to suggest she’d be anything other than supportive of George’s decision. And even if she did have concerns, it seems out of character that she would immediately threaten divorce — especially over something as simple as wanting your parents to be cared for. This was just an extremely inaccurate portrait of the Clooneys’ marriage. Fortunately, no one believed this rumor back in those days, and time has proven how inaccurate it was.

The Tabloid on George Clooney

It failed to surpass this ridiculous story, but it was still a great read. Globe There were many stories to choose from when choosing the top George Clooney story. In September, the outlet reported the Clooneys’ marriage was “melting again” after a series of blow-out fights. Then the magazine claimed George left Amal and wasn’t looking back. Recenty, the tabloid claimed they were actually expecting their third baby together. The tabloid clearly saw the light. Globe isn’t reliable when it comes to the Clooneys.