Allegedly Telling Pals Jennifer Lopez ‘Strikes Out In Bed’ After Breakup

It’s crazy to think how much changed for Alex Rodriguez2021 At the start of the new year, he was Jennifer Lopez were deciding when to get married, and well, that didn’t work out. Rodriguez’s top story of the year revolves around Lopez, a former Seattle Mariner who criticized Lopez for being a lousy love.

‘Strikes Out In Bed’

In a misguided effort to retaliate, the National Enquirer claimed Rodriguez was disparaging Lopez’s sexual performance. An insider said, “They were barely intimate for the best part of a year before calling it quits.” Any display of PDA was purely for the cameras, for the two secretly slept in separate bedrooms. A source concluded that Lopez would “likely admit things really petered out toward the end when the lack of trust set in.”

Every now and then, Gossip CopA tabloid story that is too lascivious to believe is revealed by Rodriguez and Lopez. After the breakup, Rodriguez and Lopez were the center of attention. Both kept their heads down and did not address the other publicly. Instagram users tracked likes and photo-removals.

Bearing this in mind, if Rodriguez actually started telling the world about Lopez’s sexual performance, then you would have heard about it someplace else. Rodriguez never spoke a word, instead he focused on his children. Rodriguez never spoke a word and instead focused on his children. Enquire just published as juicy a story as possible, but that didn’t make it true.

What are They Up to Now?

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are well-known for their famous rebound. The story was published not long afterwards. GigliThe PDA-filled romp through Los Angeles sent nostalgic hearts aflutter. They’re still together at year’s end with rumors flying about weddings and children on the horizon.

As for Rodriguez, he hasn’t publicly re-entered the dating sphere. Rumours abound about Rodriguez. texts to Real Housewives stars, but it looks like he’s still single. Rodriguez has never had trouble finding partners, so he’s probably just taking his time after such a major breakup.

It’s Only Gotten Worse

In the months after this bedroom brouhaha, Enquire has continued to demonstrate why it shouldn’t be trusted. Specifically, it’s missed the mark with Rodriguez stories. It called Rodriguez a humiliated, horndog determined for Lopez’s return, but it never happened. It invented a romance between Rodriguez, Demi Moore in an odd bid to make Lopez jealous.

Rodriguez and Moore have never been friends, aside from a casual dinner about a decade ago. Although Lopez and Rodriguez have had a very different approach to their split, neither has revealed any of the details to the media.