Allegedly On The Outs With Boyfriend Over Refusal To Propose

It is Sandra BullockAre you ready to leave your boyfriend? One report states Bryan RandallBullock refuses a proposal, and he refuses to accept it. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Sandra’s Dude Has Cold Feet!’

According to the GlobeBullock and Randall fight over Bullock’s refusal to marry her. Randall doesn’t think he needs to get married to solidify their love, but Bullock isn’t built that way. “Sandra has wanted to make things official for the longest time,” a source says, “but Bryan’s weirdly standoffish and trots out the old cliche they don’t need a paper to be happy.”

Bullock is concerned that Randall is keeping his feet out of the door after the proposal has become an unavoidable hurdle. He also won’t partake in Bullock’s parties with Jennifer Aniston and Keanu Reeves because he likes privacy. A source concludes, “She wants everyone to think she’s happy with the way things are, but it bothers her.”

Privacy Isn’t A Bad Thing

Which do you trust most: the anonymous source or someone who is actually acquainted with Bullock? Rep for the Blind Side star called this talk of friction “false and absurd.” The two have been together for six years now, so clearly their dynamic is working.

Bullock recently traveled to Red Table TalkJada pinkett Smith and she had a very open conversation about marriage. She called Randall “the love of my life,” and said, “I don’t need a paper to be a devoted partner and devoted mother.” Bullock doesn’t need a marriage to tell her that Randall’s love is true.

Just because these two keep things low key doesn’t mean they’re not a legitimate couple. Gossip Cop sees stories predict Bullock’s wedding constantly. She has no desire to marry Randall and is not pressuring him to do so.

Bullock Rumors

The GlobeBullock has been a miss with her before. In 2018, it was claimed that she was fighting with her co-stars. Ocean’s 8. Everyone on Ocean’s 8 was happy to do press and promote the film, so we couldn’t buy the story of catty turmoil.

We’ve also seen this exact proposal trope used many times. Kathie Lee Gifford, apparently, gave an identical proposal ultimatum to Ben Affleck, while Ana de Armas was eager to marry him. An engagement is unlikely considering that Affleck split with Armas a year later. Bullock is not interested in engagements or proposals.

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