Allegedly Divorcing Husband After $900 Million Payday From Company Sale

Reese WitherspoonShe is more famous than her husband Jim Toth. He’s worked behind the scenes for decades, but she’s been busy winning an Oscar and creating money-making brands. Is the gap between stature and pay causing problems? According to the top rumor, Witherspoon would take $900 million from Toth and leave her forever.

Business Sale Means Bye Bye Toth?

Hello Sunshine, Witherspoon’s media company, was sold for $900 million last year. According to OK!The sale of the property marks the end of Witherspoon/Toth. A source says the two “have become more like business partners” than romantically involved. The source says “if the worst happens, and Reese and Jim were to divorce, they both stand to walk away from their marriage with a huge pile of cash. Some folks can’t help but see this as a sign that this is the beginning of the end.”

While both Witherspoon made quite a bundle from Hello Sunshine’s sale, she wasn’t completely cashing out. The ElectionStar still holds 18% of the company. When she announced the sale on Instagram, Witherspoon wrote “I couldn’t be more excited about what this means for our future.” She’s obviously still committed to Hello Sunshine, just as she’s still committed to Toth.

Did They Split?

There’s no evidence that Toth and Witherspoon were only staying together for the business. The two took a lovely romantic getaway for Toth’s birthday. Witherspoon often posts photos of her husband.

Toth was even present during the premiere of Sing 2So, this divorce never came to pass. Gossip Cop debunks stories all the time about Witherspoon and Toth getting divorced because she’s more famous than him. Her success is his success plus she was already a household-name when Toth met her.

Other Witherspoon Rumors

If Witherspoon isn’t fighting with Toth, then tabloids would have you believe she’s fighting with her bestie Jennifer Aniston. The Morning Show Stars are apparently always jockeying for the leadership of AppleTV+. It’s as if their decades-long friendship isn’t easily accessible public knowledge.

Recent Twitter attacks on Witherspoon were directed at her for another lucrative venture. Her public support of NFTs made her a dreaded trending topic on Twitter, but it doesn’t look like she cares. Witherspoon and Toth both made a lot of money in 2021, and they aren’t getting ready to divide assets.