All Of Chrissy Teigen’s 2021 Scandals That Prove Cancel Culture Is A Myth

Many Hollywood stars complain about being victims of “cancel culture,” claiming that they have to go into hiding or lose out on jobs due to things they’ve said or done. Chrissy TeigenOne such famous person is the model. The model has weathered a number of scandals this year, proving that those who get “canceled” are just as visible as they were before. 

Teigen Was Accused Of Cyberbullying

Teigen’s biggest scandal of 2021 was the revelation that she had cyberbullied Courtney Stodden for years, even going so far as to tell them to commit suicide. Stodden, who was just 51 years old when she married Doug Hutchison, became the talk of the town in 2011. The controversy attracted scrutiny from the media as well as celebrities like Teigen. 

Tweets were unearthed on Teigen’s account that expressed her hatred of Stodden. The posts range from a simple “I hate you” to “go. To sleep. Forever.” Stodden also said they received private messages from Teigen, telling them to kill themselves and saying “I can’t wait for you to die.”

Teigen was then removed from TV shows and dropped from brand partnerships. Although she eventually apologized, many believe she did it to save current and future brand partnerships. Teigen sent a series of tweets in which she apologized for her behavior. Stodden accepted. However, they said that Teigen never reached out to her privately—which Teigen claims she did—and that the model blocked Stodden on Twitter. 

“Everyone deserves better – even my detractors,” she said in an interview on Today. “And better is what you can expect from me. The world needs more kindness, love, and I want to help it. I’ve been on a path of self-improvement for the past decade and that path is going to continue.”

People Blast Teigen For ‘Tone Deaf’ Posts

This wasn’t the only media storm Teigen had to weather. After throwing a Squid Game-themed party, the star was accused of being “tone-deaf.” Many questioned her decision to throw a lavish Hollywood party with the theme of a TV show about people competing in life-threatening games to leave a life of poverty.

Teigen was also subject to backlash after she posted a photo in which she and her children, Luna (and Miles) were bathing together. Instagram users were quick to comment their dislike of the photo, calling it inappropriate and questioning why celebrities can’t keep some things private. 

Teigen is subject to internet anger for almost every action she makes. However, those who complain about being victims of “cancel culture” claim that they get completely ignored after making a misstep. With Teigen’s constant presence in the headlines, it’s clear that those who get “canceled” have no problem staying in the public eye.