All About Juan Rivera’s Ride or Die Wife, Brenda

Juan RiveraMexican American singer and composer. You might recognize one his songs, like El Abandonado, El Atizador, El Tamaulipeco,Or Me Purse a Pensar. Or you might know him as the younger sister of Jenni Riosa, another famous singer. But, no matter how you know about Juan Rivera, you probably don’t know much about his amazing love story. So, who is Juan Rivera’s wife, and how did their love come to be?

Juan and Brenda have been together for 22 years

Juan and Brenda met when they were just 17 years old. But, even at such a young age, Juan knew he’d met the one. According to Juan, “I remember that she was changing something in me, she was 17 years old, but it was 17 very vivid years, and for some reason and another, I knew that with that woman I was going to stay.”

Their love has been fairytale-like. But their marriage story is not so fairytale. The couple thought that they were married in 1995. But, years later, they discovered that they had never been married. Actually had. Although this may shock many, the couple used it as an excuse for their love. The couple were officially married in 2021. After 22 years of dating, they celebrated their marriage with a big ceremony.

The happy couple have four children together: Marina, Divine and Johnny. Brenda isn’t involved in Hollywood, and not much information is known about her. Juan loves to share his wife’s glory and posts about it on Instagram frequently.

Brenda Supported Juan Following the Death Of His Sister Jenni Rivera

Juan and Brenda’s love may have always been strong, but that doesn’t mean it was always easy. Juan was struggling with addiction when Brenda and Juan first met. He was 17 when he was sentenced to prison for drug possession. While he was in prison, Brenda told Juan that she’d gotten pregnant just days before he left. Juan was released after a few years. before getting arrested for illegally carrying firearms. He was sentenced to another 20 years in prison. 

Juan lost all hope during his time in prison. Juan considered suicide and worried about losing Brenda. He was able to keep his faith in Brenda, and they persevered despite all odds. Juan credits Brenda for helping him to become sober, healthy and happy. His efforts to be a better friend for her have certainly paid off.

Juan’s younger sister, Jenni Rivera, was a famous banda singer in the ‘90s. Jenni’s sold-out final concert was held in Monterrey Mexico in 2012. Just hours later, Jenni tragically died in a plane crash at the age of 42. Juan was still in prison at the time of Jenni’s death and was unable to attend her funeral. Juan still treasures these letters. Jenni wrote to him while he was in prison.

Today, Juan and Brenda are living happily everAfter with their children in California. Juan is back to making his music and preserving his sister’s amazing legacy. He often talks about his sister on his Instagram. This kind of love is never lost.