Alfonso Ribeiro Shares Photo Of Kids At The ‘Happiest Place On Earth’

Fresh PrinceAlumni Alfonso RibeiroTo escape the stressors and pressures of modern life, he took his kids to Disney World. Here’s a charming picture of him and his family at the magic kingdom. It’s a wonderful reminder that, even though the world spins wildly out-of-control, it is up each of us to define what happiness looks like. Judging from Ribeiro’s Instagram post, he and his family have a pretty good idea of just how to do that.

Family Fun Time

Who can’t relate to wanting a little happiness while the world is in such a state of discord? Amid political problems and a pandemic that refuses to go away, it’s safe to assume we could all use a little time at Disney right now. You can see that stress is not something they are thinking about. A perfect little escape to a beautiful (not so small) location.

“I Don’t Ever Want To Leave”

Plus, let’s not forget that with additions of Marvel and Star Wars characters and rides and such, it isn’t the same Disney World as it was a decade or two ago. You used to be able see all of Disney in just a few days, but that is no longer the case. There is so much to do, it feels like you can’t even get enough. For proof of this, Ribeiro’s daughter Ava told her famous father that “I don’t ever want to leave”, but we are sure they will be back.

It is refreshing to see a famous family remain so down-to-earth and close to one another. The Ribeiros may be well-known, but the photo shows a happy family. This tells us everything you need to know. They are a normal family, just like everyone else. But their dad was on. The Fresh Prince.

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