Alex Trebek Shares One Final Wish for His Wife Upon Learning of Dreadful Diagnosis

March 07, 2019Mar 07, 2019

On Wednesday, Alex Trebek shocked the world by announcing that he has Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer. It was a difficult diagnosis to hear and many fans and friends around the nation poured out their prayers for Alex and his family.

Alex made the announcement in a video that he released on the Jeopardy! Youtube channel. He told viewers that he planned to beat the odds and to fight the disease. He also asked people for their prayers and thanked them for the support.

Now, Alex is speaking out. He revealed that he only has one wish when it comes to his wife of 29 years, Jean Currivan.

"The 78-year-old told People two months ago: 'I'm pretty satisfied with my life. But my wife Jean and I have been together almost 29 years, and I was thinking about President Bush when he died, and all the comments about his life about what a nice guy he is, and how he and his wife had been together 73 years,'" according to the Daily Mail.

"He continued: 'I thought, oh my gosh... if I'd just met Jean in my 20s we could have had a longer life together.' Alex joked to the outlet: 'I guess if I'd met her when I was in my twenties she wouldn't have been born yet. But hey, 29 years is pretty good!'" he said.

Alex married his wife, Jean, in 1990. The pair have two children together and have had a long, and successful marriage. Jean once opened up about what first drew her to Alex.

She said to People: 'There was just this deep sensitivity about him with a gruffy exterior. I kept thinking, he's 24 years older than me... but there was something that just kept drawing me to him.'

Fans took to social media to express their support and prayers for Alex and the entire Trebek family. Please join us in continuing to pray for him as well!

"Alex Trebek has Pancreatic cancer. It is true the survival rate is low, but miracles are possible. My wife is a pancreatic cancer survivor. Prayer is powerful. Let's remember Alex and his family in our prayers," wrote one man on Twitter.

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