Alert! Trump Already Doing Something BIG At The Southern Border

March 09, 2017Mar 09, 2017

Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly revealed Thursday that President Trump’s tough stance on illegal immigration is already having a massive effect on the number of illegal border crossings.

In an official statement, Kelly reported that illegal crossing in February dropped by a dramatic 40 percent from January.

He pointed out that the decline is especially notable because February usually sees a 10- to 20-percent increase over January.

He credits Trump’s clear message against illegal immigration and his executive order boosting border enforcement as driving the decline, which may have also sparked the recent huge price hike for “coyote” smugglers — from $3,500 to 8,000 in some rugged areas.

The drop in crossings has also led to a lot fewer arrests of illegal immigrants on the U.S. side of the border.

“We will remain vigilant to respond to any changes in these trends, as numbers of illegal crossings typically increase between March and May,” Kelly added. “However, the early results show that enforcement matters, deterrence matters, and that comprehensive immigration enforcement can make an impact.”

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