Alert: This Country Is Finalizing Evacuation Plans For 60,000 Of Its Citizens From South Korea Amid Crisis Over North Korea’s Nuclear Program

April 14, 2017Apr 14, 2017

Japan’s National Security Council said on Friday that it is finalizing plans to evacuate 60,000 of its citizens from South Korea in the event of a crisis over North Korea’s nuclear program.

Japan’s National Security Council has held urgent discussions on how it would provide safe passage for its citizens if a major crisis arose out of a potential North Korean nuclear test. Many have predicted it could happen this weekend.

Japanese officials asked for advance consultation regarding any US military action against North Korea. The US officials responded positively to the request. As an ally to the US, Japan wants to take precautions given that, it could be a target for retaliation if war were to break out between the US and North Korea.

North Korea is raising the stakes and words with the US and its allies as the country pushes ahead with its plans to launch it’s six missile test.

The United States has warned that a policy of "strategic patience" is over. President Trump has unequivocally told Kim not to perform any more tests and he has asked China to work to keep the dictator in check.

The United States has deployed the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson to waters near the Korean Peninsula amid plans to launch it’s six missile test.

Vice-President Mike Pence is planning on traveling to South Korea on Sunday on a planned 10-day trip to Asia. His aides said this was a sign of the U.S. commitment to its ally in the face of rising tensions over North Korea's nuclear program.

Pence expected to talk about the "belligerence" of North Korea at stops in Tokyo, Jakarta and Sydney, a White House adviser said. But the need for "free and fair trade" will also be on the agenda.

China recently has banned all imports of North Korean coal on Feb 26 under UN sanctions, cutting off the North's most important export. Today a Chinese state broadcaster CCTV said national airline Air China was suspending all flights to Pyongyang, North Korea as well.

North Korea’s most important national day is coming up, called the “Day of the Sun”, which is on Saturday, April 15. It’s when North Korea celebrates the birthday of its founding president Kim Il Sung.

According to Reuters, North Korean leaders have used this date for a major weapons test in the past.

The country’s current ruler, Kim Jong Un, has hinted that he had something big planned for the day. President Trump has unequivocally told Kim not to perform any more tests and he has asked China to work to keep the dictator in check. Read more about the Day of the Sun here.

Footage emerged recently supposedly showing evacuation alarms ringing out across Pyongyang amid mounting tensions between the US and North Korea.

In the video, shared to YouTube, alarms signaling for residents to flee the North Korean city.

Watch the Video Below: