Update Emerges on Missing 4-Year-Old After Violent Home Invasion

February 14, 2018Feb 14, 2018

Police were searching for 4-year-old Heidi Renae Todd from nearby Charleston, South Carlina after she went missing on Tuesday night. People Magazine reports that her mother was beaten in a possible home invasion. 

The child went missing on Tuesday night in the area of 2985 Sweetleaf Lane in the Whitney Lake subdivision on Johns Island. The 4-year-old girl suddenly vanished after a strange man entered the family home and severely beat her mother.

Her husband, who is in the Coast Guard, was out of town for training. Now, however, he is at the hospital with the mother who was taken to the was taken to the hospital on Tuesday night.

According to Fox News, Mayor John Tecklenburg has addressed the fact that Heidi's mother was brutally beaten, but he also notes that she is in fair condition at the local hospital. Although she is very hurt, she will certainly survive.

Fortunately, it has been reported that the girl was found hundreds of miles away from her home in Charleston, South Carolina in a parked car with the kidnapper. 

Riverside Alabama Mayor Rusty Jessup confirmed that Heidi Renae Todd of Charleston was discovered late Wednesday in his city. Hours later, her kidnapper, a 37-year-old man named Thomas Lawton Evans, was caught in Mississippi. 

Jessup claims that the little girl was discovered after there was a report of a suspicious car in the woods behind Riverside City Hall. After the call, the mayor's fire chief checked the situation out and discovered the kidnapper, Evans, asleep inside of the vehicle. Police was then called to the scene and there was then a heated exchange between Evans and some other men. 

Then, the police chief informed Evans that he needed to get his ID from the car. This is when Evans jumped into the vehicle and sped off. 

The little girl, who was then safe and away from the kidnapper, was very scared but otherwise doing just fine. After she was safe, the men purchased a coloring book for her, and she was happy to be using it. 

The FBI then took the girl into custody. The mother is still in the hospital in fair condition. 

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