Alec Baldwin Reacts to Halyna Hutchins’ Death in New Video

Alec Baldwin and Halyna Houtchins
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It was a terrifying moment. Video footage of the incident has been added Alec BaldwinAfter the shooting on the, Halyna Hutchins received the sad news that she had died. RustLast year, the record was set.

The Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office recently released all files related to their investigation of the Rustincident six months after the shooting took place in October 2021. This clip was taken by Us WeeklyThe 30 RockAlum 64 is sitting in a small room with two investigators. They tell him that Hutchins was killed from injuries she received after she was hit by a misfired prop gun.

“I do have some very unfortunate news to tell you,” one of the investigators tells the actor. “She didn’t make it.”

Baldwin replies, “No!” and covers his mouth with his hand, seemingly in shock. The team informs Baldwin that he is now a director Joel Souza is still recovering, adding that they didn’t want Baldwin to hear the news secondhand.

Alec Baldwin Reacts to News of Halyna Hutchins' Death in New Footage

Alec Baldwin in the new footage

The Emmy winner explains in another video what happened when the gun failed to fire. “I take the gun out and as the barrel clears, I turn and cock the gun and the gun goes off,” he tells investigators.

Additional footage shows Baldwin practising with the gun prior to the misfire. Authorities previously claimed that theMatch GameJust before the weapon went off the host was practicing, noting that he had to point the gun at camera.

The Pearl Harbor star, who has not been charged with a crime, has denied that he was responsible for the prop gun misfire that led to Hutchins’ death. “I didn’t pull the trigger,” said during an interview with ABC NewsDecember 2021. “Someone is responsible for what happened, and I can’t say who that is, but I know it’s not me.”

Alec Baldwin Reacts to News of Halyna Hutchins' Death in New Footage

Alec Baldwin in the new footage

The cinematographer’s husband, Matt Hutchins, said that he was outraged when he heard Baldwin’s statements about not feeling culpable for his late wife’s death. “I was just so angry to see him talk about her death so publicly in such a detailed way and then to not accept any responsibility after having just described killing her,” he explained during a February interview on the Today show.

Matt and his family also filed a lawsuit against Baldwin, and other people involved in the wrongful death. Rust production. In court documents obtained by Us, lawyers claimed that the Oscar nominee and other crew members “failed to perform industry standard safety checks” for the use of guns on set and accused the production of “cutting corners” on safety measures.

“We’re used to people coming in from out of town to play cowboy who don’t know how to use guns,” attorney Randi McGinn said during a press conference in February. “You don’t hand somebody a gun until you give them safety training. … No one should ever die with a real gun on a make-believe movie set.”

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