Sarah Palin Offers Sad News After Anchorage Earthquake, Asks for Prayers

November 30, 2018Nov 30, 2018

On Friday, a massive 7.0 earthquake hit the city of Anchorage, Alaska. It left thousands without power, roads closed for fear of sinkholes, and the airport is rerouting planes.

The United States Geological Survey organization has traced the quake's origin to about 8 miles north of the city. It is one of the largest earthquakes to hit the United States in years.

"Reports of road damage have been confirmed, including International Airport Road," Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport said from its official Twitter account, adding that drivers should take "extreme caution."

At this time, officials are working to determine what devastation has occurred. They have also just issued another warning to the residents in the area. Experts are advising citizens after issuing a tsunami warning for the coastal city, reported NBC.

Former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin posted an update on her family after the earthquake. She is her family is "intact." However, sadly, their house is not.

"[Praying emoji] for Alaska. Our family is intact - house is not... I imagine that’s the case for many, many others. So thankful to be safe; praying for our state following the earthquake."

Please keep Alaska in your prayers as they deal with the aftermath of this earthquake. Please especially pray that they are all safe if a tsunami does hit the area.

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