Alarming New Proposal for Women in Combat

December 09, 2015Dec 09, 2015

Conservatives protest new rules from the Obama Administration that end 200 year tradition—and could require all women to be draft eligible!

The Obama Administration just released a proposal which would eliminate the distinctions that have stood for 200 years between men and women in combat.  Since the founding of our Republic, men have carried the primary load of armed combat.  Women have served nobly in a variety of military roles, but when wars arise and people are drafted, it is the men who are required to register for the draft.

Now, under new Obama Administration guidelines, all that could change.  Secretary of Defense Ash Carter has issued an order that the distinction between men and women in combat roles be eliminated—not refined, not changed, but totally eliminated.  Despite protests from military leaders, he has said that all branches of service—including even Marine front line combat units—must be opened to women.

The logical followup to this is, if there is no difference between men and women being fit for combat, what happens in the event of a war?  Will the daughters, and moms, and women of America have to register and join the military if they are drafted?  When asked about this, Secretary Carter waffled and did not give a clear answer.

Once again, Pres. Obama is following through on his promise to fundamentally reshape America.  Now our daughters and wives and mothers will have to be drafted.  How far will this all go?