Alan Robertson Compares The Wave Of College Campus Uprisings To Evil

November 17, 2015Nov 17, 2015

Willie Robertson's beardless oldest brother, Alan Robertson, may not get a lot of attention on "Duck Dynasty," but as a pastor he likes to get his message out.

Last Friday Alan co-hosted a Sirius XM show with Steve Bannon on Brietbart News Daily, where he talked about the recent uprisings on college campuses as students make demands for sweeping changes. He sees what's happening as more than just a passing fancy.

"Every area of our culture seems to be under attack."

When asked if America is at a crisis stage yet, he replied, "We seem to be now on that precipice of — we're about to take the big plunge. We don't want to see the place we love so much — that means so much to us — go down this road."


When asked how much he was troubled about what's going on on campuses, he pulled no punches as he said, "It's very disturbing. Dad (Phil) and I see things through a Biblical and spiritual lens. This is what happens when evil is unleashed. And this is what happens when you see its destructive properties. We see it as a clear, distinctive line in how we were created and the battle we face of good and evil. And as evil surges, you're going to see this. It's a breakdown."

He added, "(What these students are demanding is) this revolutionary idea that America be completely changed to something she was never meant to be."

Do you agree with how he characterizes what these students are doing?