Alabama THREATENS To Tie Hillary's Hands

April 20, 2016Apr 20, 2016

Much of Hillary Clinton's campaign is being built on "women's health rights." She has gone so far as to say that a baby should be able to be killed *on his or her due date*. This, Clinton claims, is the most fair and just thing for the woman.

Many people have been horrified at her comments, doubly confounded by her daughter's own upcoming baby.  Many of us are frightened at the prospect of having Clinton as President and the destruction that would be brought to the unborn. But we don't know how to get around it.


Fortunately, Alabama is standing up in defiance. A bill, approved by the Health Committee, has just landed on the doorstep of the House for voting. The Christian Post reports that the Personhood Amendment "would allow Alabama voters to note in the law that life begins at conception through a referendum vote on the November ballot. If the bill becomes law, says [co-sponsor Jack] Williams, it would ban abortion at any time during pregnancy with no rape or health exceptions." Williams anticipates, though, that amendments would be made to the bill concerning rape and health exceptions.

Williams shared, "I feel very personally. I'm all against abortion completely. I've lost a daughter myself I know how precious life is. I just don't see how anyone can at four months abort a child and throw it in the garbage can when we'll spend $1 million on a 4 1/2 month old preemie."

If the bill passes, it will make Alabama the first state to completely ban abortion. This would effectively tie Hillary's hands. Of course, there are major opponents to the bill. Susan Watson of Alabama's ACLU taunted that the bill was doomed for failure. 

"The Personhood Amendment could essentially ban all abortions and some forms of birth control. We may not all agree about abortion or the question of when life begins, but we should agree that these personal decisions should remain between a woman and her family and her faith. That is why, time and again, when voters have been asked to weigh in on such extreme restrictions, they have voted to protect women's access to reproductive health care. Similar proposals have failed by a wide margin every time it has been on the ballot," she said.

It's true that this bill has a very uphill battle. But imagine if it was put into place! The lives that would be saved--the precedent that would be set! Let's all pray that Alabama does the seemingly impossible and stands up for the unborn like no state has done before! Do you agree?