Alabama Congressman Reveals 'High-Risk Prostate Cancer' in Emotional Speech

December 13, 2017Dec 13, 2017

Representative Mo Brooks, who lost to Roy Moore in Alabama's GOP Senate primary, announced on Wednesday that he has high-risk prostate cancer. He claims that losing the race was a tremendous thing and "may have saved" his life, according to CNN.

Brooks revealed his cancer diagnosis on the House floor, claiming that he first learned the unfortunate news back in October.

While giving the speech to his colleagues, it was clear that he was holding back tears. He talked about the night he called his wife to tell her about the diagnosis, which happened while she was handing out candy to trick-or-treaters. He claimed that it was one of the worst, lonely nights of their 41 years of marriage.

During his speech to his colleagues, Brooks remarked that he has a very good cure prognosis and therefore hopes to return to Washington following the recess next year. He remarked that he'll undergo surgery on Friday of this week and has another post-surgery medical procedure scheduled for December 20, according to Alabama Local News.

To those governing in the House of Representatives, work can often take precedence in a person's life. But Brooks took the time to remind his colleagues that work isn't everything. Rather, he told his colleagues to never take health and family for granted. 

"During the holidays enjoy your family because no one, no one is promised tomorrow," he said.

He then added, "I ran for the Senate in 2017. I finished third out of nine candidates in the Republican primary," Brooks said of the Alabama GOP primary.

"Had I won, I would not have had time for my physical and (Prostate-Specific Antigen) test. I would not have had a prostate biopsy. I would not now know about my high-risk prostate cancer which requires immediate surgery. In retrospect and paradoxically, losing the Senate race might have saved my life."

"Yes," he added, "God does work in mysterious ways."

Brooks will miss the important vote on the GOP tax plan while he is recovering from surgery, but his absence shouldn't determine the fate of the bill. His illness will also not significantly impact the political makeup of the House of Representatives, which unlike the Senate, has a heavy Republican majority.

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