Alabama Poll Shows Roy Moore’s Shocking Lead Over Democrat Doug Jones

November 21, 2017Nov 21, 2017

Last week, a round of polls showed the outlook for Republican Roy Moore’s special election against Democrat Doug Jones as either grim or neck-and-neck. But now one Alabama-based poll of over 11,000 potential voters is telling a very different story.

According to a RealClearPolitics, the average results from several major polls taken from Nov. 9 to Nov. 15 show Moore and Jones in a statistical tie. A Fox News poll last Thursday put Moore 8 points behind Jones, though, and a National Republican Senatorial Committee poll taken the weekend before had Jones up 12 points.

But if the new poll taken by Alabama-based WT&S Consulting is accurate, according to Breitbart, then the tide appears to be turning back in Moore’s favor. Moore has faced accusations from several women who claim the former Alabama district attorney harassed and assaulted them when they were still teenagers.

Moore has denied any sexual misconduct. Many people are still supporting him, suspicious that his female accusers are part of a liberal plot to destroy a Senate candidate with a staunch record for fighting for conservative values.

Still, others who support him believe the accusations against him may be true, but they say they’ll still vote for him because Democrats are being hypocritical in not calling for the resignation of members of their own party who have been caught in sexual abuse scandals. Among others, they cite the kid gloves treatment of former president Bill Clinton in the past and the recent soft handling of Sen. Al Franken, who was caught on film assaulting a female reporter.

“Al Franken is getting away with it. That’s why Roy Moore will win,” the Conservative Review wrote in a headline, pointing to “D.C.’s institutional hypocrisy.”

Another reason why many Alabama voters — including the female governor — are sticking by Moore is because they can’t stomach the idea of a Democrat winning — especially pro-abortion Jones. National Review described Jones as a “zealot” and “extremist” when it comes to promoting the killing of the unborn in America.

Jones once told MSNBC’s Chuck Todd that he never supports any restrictions on abortion. Moore, on the other hand, is pro-life, and preserving the lives of babies is more important in the minds of many conservative voters than the inappropriate relationships Moore may have had in the past.

The WT&S Consulting polled 11,641 likely voters, who gave Moore 46.4 percent over Jones at 40.5 percent. About 61 percent of those polled are Republicans and 39 percent are Democrats in the largely Republican state of Alabama. Voters will go to the polls to decide between Moore and Jones on Dec. 12.

What do you think of this? In related news, President Trump has finally spoken to the American people on whether or not he supports voting for Moore.

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