Al Gore’s New Film Just Got Hit with an Inconvenient Truth

August 07, 2017Aug 07, 2017

The inconvenient truth of Al Gore’s new film, “An Inconvenient Sequel,” is that it failed dismally at the opening weekend box office. Grossing only $900,000, the film came in 15th in U.S. theaters, a sum far short of Gore’s first film, which grossed over $24 million in the U.S. after its release in May 2006, according to Box Office Mojo

At least one Gore supporter attributes the misfortune of the film’s showing to its poor handling by Paramount Pictures, who released the film.

“This was not supposed to happen—and it would not have happened if Paramount had stuck with its original release plan,” wrote D.R. Tucker in a Monday column for Washington Monthly

Tucker’s column blames Paramount for mishandling the release of “An Inconvenient Sequel,” writing that the film was “arguably the first major anti-Trump documentary to hit theatres.”

In light of Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris climate agreement, and the public outrage that followed, Paramount failed to give it as high a profile attention as “Fahrenheit 9/11,” which soared to #1 in the U.S. box office when it was released in 2004, argued Tucker.

“Sadly, the box-office under-performance of “An Inconvenient Sequel” will be seized upon by climate-change deniers as ‘proof’ that Americans don’t really care about the issue,” he wrote.

The film made on average about $5,000 per theater, reported Deadline Hollywood. Paramount plans to expand the movie to over 500 locations next weekend.

“By filling theaters, we can show Donald Trump and the other climate deniers in the White House that the American people are committed to climate action—no matter what they do say, or tweet,” wrote Gore in an August 4 email to his supporters. 

But not everyone agrees with Al Gore’s take on climate change. One such person works in an Ivy League college and had voted for Gore in 2000, but after he watched “An Inconvenient Truth” in 2006, he left feeling disappointed, both with the film and with Gore’s message, according to Western Journalism

“I was appalled,” said Geologist Dr. Robert Giegengack, professor at the University of Pennsylvania. “I was appalled because he either deliberately misrepresented the point he was making or didn’t understand it. So it was irresponsible of Al Gore.”

“CO2 is not the villain that it has been portrayed,” Giegengack continued. “I’m impressed by the fact that the present climate, from the perspective of a geologist, is very close to the coldest it’s ever been. The concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere today is close to the lowest it has ever been.”

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