Al Franken's Senate Seat Might Be Taken by Pro-Trump Former Presidential Candidate

January 02, 2018Jan 02, 2018

Former Representative Michele Bachmann is apparently considering a run for the recently vacated Senate seat previously held by Al Franken, according to Fox News


Bachmann has recently addressed the rumors that she might run for the seat. According to the former representative, there are several people who are currently urging her to run. She claims that she will indeed run if she believes she can have the ability to take her conservative principles to the Senate and be able to successfully advocate for those principles. 

"...the only reason I would run is for the ability to take these principles into the United States Senate and to be able to advocate for these principles,” she said.

According to the Huffington Post, Michele Bachmann remarked that Trump's victory in 2016 was the intervention of God. 

“If Hillary Clinton was going to continue and double down on the policies of Barack Obama, I think people just saw no hope that the United States would return to a position of Judeo-Christian morality,” the former representative said in an April 1 interview. “We were in a situation where the president of the United States, on his own, just issued a sheet of paper and said, overnight, every single public school in the country would have to have the girls’ bathrooms open to the boys and the boys’ bathrooms open to the girls.”

She continued, “What we were told from the White House, is that when we look at our body in a shower, our body isn’t reality anymore, so we actually get to choose if we’re a boy, if we’re a girl.”


On the subject of her taking Franken's Senate seat, CNN claims that she remarked that she is "trying to be wise." She worries what might happen if she decides to run against the Democratic Party and doesn't want to make a decision that she will regret. 

"If you're a billionaire, you can maybe defend yourself," she said. "If you're trying to go against the tide in DC, if you're trying to stand for biblical principles in DC and you stick your head up out of the hole ... the blades come whirring and they try to chop you off."

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