Airline’s Attempt At Gay Pride Ad Backfires Big Time

August 08, 2017Aug 08, 2017

This weekend, a major international airline decided to make a strong statement with an aesthetic ad aimed at supporting gay pride and the homosexual lifestyle. But they made one major mistake, and the internet let them know about it.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, based in Amsterdam, posted a meme on Twitter that they obviously put a lot of work into. But perhaps a little more work was needed.

“It doesn't matter who you click with. Happy #PrideAmsterdam,” the airline stated with a picture of three pairs of rainbow-striped seat belts with a pair of two female buckles ready to connect, two male buckles ready to connect, and a male and female buckle ready to connect.

Conservative commentator Matt Walsh pointed out the obvious, writing, “Except only one of those combinations really do click. The others will lead to severe injury. Actually, this really is a great analogy.”

In fact, the vast majority of comments on KLM’s tweet pointed out the absurdity of the airline’s seat belt message, with even gay supporters calling it a massive marketing fail. Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro gave his own two cents.

Others were quick to weigh in:

What do you think of this? Meanwhile in California, a transgender Rainbow day camp for kids has been growing, and you won’t believe how young the campers are.

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