Fox News Host Shares Powerful Message About God & Politics, Viewers Left with Stronger Faith

July 03, 2018Jul 03, 2018

Today, Americans appear to be constantly at war with another in relation to differences in political opinions. After President Donald Trump entering office, it seems as though Democrats and Republicans are more divided than ever.

Amidst the consistent battles, one Fox News host shared a very powerful message about the significance of faith and family in America. Ultimately, Ainsley Earhardt believes our faith in God is the center and foundation for everything in our lives.

“You can’t lose faith and you have to trust God through each situation, each season in your life and our country is going through an interesting season,” the host began. “I feel like we’re all very fortunate because we got to know the greatest generation — our grandparents.”

“Then our parents learned from them and they were hard workers and they taught us the importance of going to church and saying your prayers and saying a blessing before you eat, being grateful and thankful and working hard,” she continued. “They taught us that you can’t forget from where you came, that everyone is equal, everyone is God’s child, attitude determines aptitude, to work really hard, don’t expect to get the big job when you graduate from college...And they taught us the importance of loving your neighbor as yourself and the golden rule and those principles.”

“I don’t know if our society has gotten so far away from going to church or from God and I think that our country needs that — I think individuals need that,” Earhardt added. “That gives us the foundation for being great parents, being great stewards, being great employees and friends.”

Viewers couldn’t help but have even stronger faith following her message. On social media, many praised Earhardt’s comments in agreement.

Watch Earhardt’s full remarks below:

This isn’t the first time this Fox News host has opened up about her Christian faith on air. Earlier this year, she appeared in an inspiring interview about Jesus.

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