Ah, Friends! ‘Jane The Virgin’ Cast: Where Are They Now?

The CW’s Jane the Virgin was a telenovela-inspired romantic comedy that enthralled fans with its soapy plot twists and love triangles. Created by Jennie Snyder UrmanThe Golden Globe-nominated TV Show,, first appeared on the screen in 2014 and lasted five seasons before its satisfying end.

The series’ cast was led by Gina Rodriguez, Justin Baldoni Brett DierIn main roles with scene-stealing supporting parts by Yara Martinez, Bridget Regan, Anthony Mendez There are many more. Rodriguez starred in the role of Jane Villanueva, the title character. In the series premiere, Jane is a 23-year-old virgin who learns she’s pregnant after accidentally being artificially inseminated by her doctor. In a split second, Jane’s entire life changes — as do her relationships with her boyfriend (and eventual husband), Michael Cordero (Dier), and the baby’s father, Rafael Solano (Baldoni).

The show was a big hit and made many cast members stars, including Rodriguez, who won a Golden Globe trophy.

“It’s interesting — but fun! This is a real problem families deal with all the time. New people are constantly coming in. I love the way our show delicately and educationally the subject,” the Man Enough Exclusively told by author Us Weekly October 2017, playing Rafael and working on the dramaty. “[Rafael and I would]Both of us would take a bullet to protect our children. We want them to have better opportunities and lives than we did. But I wouldn’t compromise my beliefs or morals because I don’t place the same value on wealth and financial security that he does. The biggest difference is that I have a strong spiritual belief and Rafael doesn’t because he’s so hurt and broken.”

One thing that Baldoni wasn’t as excited about? Baldoni would always have to change his clothes. “I cringe when there’s a shirtless scene because I never feel I am in good enough shape,” he told Use I was at the time. “I struggle with the difference between how Justin looks and how Rafael is supposed to look. To me, I’ll always be the skinny kid with the narrow shoulders. I think it’s cool to talk about because a lot of men don’t.”

Jane the VirginThe series, which draws inspiration from classic telenovelas and aired its last episode in July 2019.

“We started shooting the first season of Jane in July 2014. After a few days of shooting, I turned thirty. Yesterday, I turned 35. Today’s episode is 99th and 100th. Jane The Virgin. Five years. Five years of love, laughter, growth, pain, surprises, deaths, new births and a s—t ton of memories,” Rodriguez wrote via Instagram amid the series finale. “I will never stop making art to bring Joy and Laughter into your home/train ride/plane ride or classroom! Art is my salvation. Art is what makes you feel like you can fly. … I will always love you, Jane.”

Jane the Virgin It was a television show that launched many careers and captured many hearts. Scroll down for a behind-the-scenes look at what the show’s stars have been up to since leaving the Marbella: