America’s Got Talent Judge Rushed to the Hospital

October 27, 2017Oct 27, 2017
Updated oct 27 12:00PM ET

“America’s Got Talent” and “X Factor” fans are sending over prayers and well wishes to popular judge Simon Cowell after he was rushed to the hospital early Friday morning. Cowell is also a very well-known producer and used to be a fan favorite judge on the show “American Idol.”

TMZ originally reported that he fell down on a flight of stairs in his London home; however, the celebrity news site later clarified that he actually fell backward while walking back up the stairs. Cowell was reportedly sleeping upstairs in his bedroom when he suddenly woke up in the middle of the night and became dizzy.

He went downstairs to drink some warm milk, hoping it would ease the troubles. Sadly, he fainted on his way back up to bed.

The Sun reported that the talent judge was seen being pulled out of his house on a stretcher. He was also wearing a neck brace.

Someone close to Cowell told the Sun it was a “scary morning.”

TMZ confirmed that he has now been released from the hospital and is in stable condition. Doctors tested Cowell to determine exactly what went wrong, but test results are not in as of Friday afternoon, October 27th.

This news comes shortly after the 2017 season winner of "America's Got Talent" was announced.

Please keep Simon Cowell in your prayers today. We hope he has a quick recovery. In other breaking news, an Emmy-winning television actor recently passed away.

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