After Woman Refuses to Collect $560M Prize, Lottery Commission Makes Unusual Move

February 16, 2018Feb 16, 2018

An anonymous New Hampshire woman made national headlines earlier this month after she refused to collect the winnings from her $560 million Powerball prize. Her reasoning? State law requires her name to be available to the public, and she desperately doesn’t want her community to know that she’s doing to be super rich.

The anonymous woman who is referring to herself as Jane Doe in court filings won the massive Powerball game last month and has been in the midst of a legal battle with the New Hampshire Lottery Commission as the deadline nears for her to pick up the money before it’s no longer available to her.

According to a statement, "She wishes to continue this work and the freedom to walk into a grocery store or attend public events without being known or targeted as the winner of a half-billion dollars.”

Doe is described as an “engaged community member” and wants to remain where she lives and quietly give back to “the state and community that has given so much to her. The problem is, she signed her real name on the back of her lottery ticket rather than using the only other option, setting up an anonymous trust and having a trustee sign it for her.

She can’t remove her signature either because that would make her winning ticket worthless. At the time when she signed it, Doe says she thought she was required to.

The lottery commission originally indicated that they weren’t going to budge, but on Thursday Doe won a major victory in the case. According to Fox News, the lottery commission will put the money into a trust the woman has now set up and let it stay there while the court decides if she can remain anonymous or not.

Now Doe won’t have to worry about the deadline and will no longer be missing out on the massive amount of interest she hasn’t been able to collect. Fox News noted that several lottery winners in the past decade or so have died as a result of murder or under suspicious circumstances.

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