After Watching The Debate, Franklin Graham Agrees With The Democrats About THIS

February 01, 2016Feb 01, 2016

Did you watch last week's Republican debate? It was a bit messy.  People were called out, with their past contradictory remarks being played back to them on national TV. Candidates were pitted against each other, with many quite willingly taking the bait to bash their opponents.  All in all, it left many feeling a bit unsettled.

And Franklin Graham seems to have felt the same way. In his Facebook post, he shares how he is disturbed at the state of our nation--including this current presidential race. 


You can read CBS's assessment of the debate here.

How about you? What feelings were you left with at the end of the debate? Who were you most impressed with? We want to hear your thoughts! Please respond in the Comments! And please say a prayer for our nation! Thank you so much!