After Visiting Texas, Trump’s Outlook Has Changed

August 30, 2017Aug 30, 2017

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump visited Texas on Tuesday following Hurricane Harvey, a Category 4 hurricane that has left Texans fighting for their lives and facing massive destruction. During Trump’s visit, he received a briefing on the scenario, thanked government officials and first responders, and spoke directly to the people of Texas.

After Trump “witnessed first hand the horror and devastation” caused by the destructive hurricane, his outlook on the situation has changed. Now, he revealed that his “heart goes out even more” to Texans affected by this tragic situation.

Melania also shared her thoughts and a few photos from their Texas visit. She sent her gratitude towards Texas Governor Greg Abbott and others involved in handling the aftermath, while reiterating, “We are with you Texas!”

The president is scheduled to travel to other areas in Texas on Saturday. According to reports from the White House, ensuring that the people of Texas are safe and well-taken care of is Trump’s “number one priority.”

Please continue to pray for the victims affected by Hurricane Harvey. Share your thoughts and prayers in our Facebook comments!

In the midst of trouble, there is a silver lining of our nation coming together in prayer, rescue teams, and financial assistance. Many well-known names have donated thousands to the cause including the Kardashians and Kevin Hart, but a certain Hollywood actress is making headlines for her million dollar donation to Hurricane Harvey victims.

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