After Troubling Investigation, Harvey Weinstein Finally Arrested on Many Charges

May 25, 2018May 25, 2018

Last fall, the world watched with horror as woman after woman stood up and shared their troubling stories about Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein. Ultimately, around 80 women, many of whom are in Hollywood themselves, put forward sexual assault allegations.

Many of the actresses’ stories included some sort of power-manipulation, where Weinstein would use his prominent position in Hollywood as leverage for the women to stay silent about the assault. When one woman finally broke the silence, however, many other women found the courage to do the same.

In the few months following the allegations, several ramifications took place. Harvey Weinstein lost his job, his honors, and his wife. Beyond that, Hollywood actresses began a movement of coming forward about people who had abused them and encouraged courage over silence. This movement prompted ideas such as #MeToo and “Time’s Up,” all centered around holding abusers accountable for their actions.

Now, months after investigations began, Harvey Weinstein has finally been arrested on several charges. According to CNN, the former Hollywood elite turned himself into the authorities on Friday morning.

Weinstein was arrested and “processed on charges of rape, committing a criminal sex act, sexual abuse and sexual misconduct.” According to the New York Police Department, those specific charges are only the result of two of the women that he abused, and therefore more charges are expected.

Later in the day, Weinstein will appear in court. When he turned himself in at the New York Police Department’s 1st Precinct, he was fingerprinted and photographed. According to E-News, his bail will most likely be over $1 million and he will have to wear an ankle monitor for the time being.

We will continue to keep updating throughout the day regarding Weinstein’s court appearance. Please continue praying for all of the victims that were abused, whether they came forward or stayed silent. Share your prayers here! In other recent news, a search for missing 5-year-old boy has finally come to an end after months and an arrest has been made.

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