After Train Derails, Paralyzed Teen Speaks Out to 'Good Samaritan' Who Saved Him

January 11, 2018Jan 11, 2018

On December 18, a tragedy took place in Washington state when an Amtrak train derailed outside of Tacoma. Three people were killed and dozens of others were injured when the train derailed off of a curve. 

Reportedly, the train was supposed to be going 30 miles per hour but was actually going 78 miles per hour. Many questions arose from the incident, and President Trump spoke out and ensured that more money would be spent toward a new infrastructure plan.

While the experience was extremely traumatic for the passengers, their families, and onlookers, one injured passenger is focusing on two words: "thank you." 

16-year-old Timmy Brodigan was one of the passengers on board the Amtrak train #501 when it derailed. He was critically injured in the accident, has been in the ICU for several weeks, and is currently paralyzed. However, he is still holding a positive outlook. 

He told ABC News that more than anything, he is thankful for the "good Samaritan" that saved his life. His parents said that after the crash, someone nearby found Brodigan in the wreckage and stayed by his side after alerting first responders. They said that their son was hanging upside down at the time, near one of the train windows. 

The teen said, "I kind of just want to thank the people that saved my life. I really really appreciate it. I really do. That's what I want to thank the most. The people that saved my life."

Brodigan said that he can hardly recall any of the details of the wreck. 

He said, "I woke up with the train wobbling. And after that, I just don't remember anything after that. I blanked out."

In the time that he was "blanked out," people were looking out for the teen. The "good Samaritan," the first responders, the hospital staff, and his medical team all worked together to save the young boy's life. 

Brodigan is still at the Seattle Children's Hospital in Washington and has reportedly suffered a broken neck, fractured ribs, a head contusion, and other injuries. However, he is simply thankful to be alive. He also talked about the generous friends and acquaintances that have donated to his family's Gofundme campaign to help with medical expenses. 

He said, "It's meant a lot to me. Thank you everyone. Everyone who's been a part of this."

When hardship strikes, it takes a strong community to work together to lift someone back up. This story, and the way that Timmy recognizes it, is a beautiful example of a community coming together to help another person. Please continue praying for healing for Timmy, and for the multiple families who lost loved ones in this accident. In other recent news, a country music legend is asking for prayers for her broken hip.

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