After Tim Tebow Leaves Boy in Tears, The Crowd Goes Wild

August 10, 2017Aug 10, 2017

Tim Tebow, former star quarterback and current professional baseball player, recently made headlines after a little boy was left in tears at one of his games. The young boy named Seth, who has autism, approached the fence as Tebow was up to bat.

The little boy waved to get his attention, hopeful his hero would see him. Tebow, who is very well-known for his Christian faith, immediately stopped what he was doing and took the time to wave to his fan and walk up to shake his hand.

Seth was so thrilled that he walked back to his mother in tears, while the crowd admired Tebow’s selfless and kind act. Trying to cheer him up, his mom said, “Seth, don’t cry...look! He’s looking at you. You did it!”

Moments later, Seth’s mom told her son, “Now he’s going to hit a homerun. Watch,” suggesting that Seth gave Tebow good luck. And guess what? He did! The crowd went wild! Seth, his mother, and the rest of the crowd cheered as Tebow dropped his bat and hit the bases.

This beautiful moment was captured on video. In a post by the Tampa Bay Times, the video went viral with hundreds of shares, reactions and comments. The story was also picked up by multiple news sources.

Faithwire reported that after the game, Tebow met Seth and took a photo with him. See this sweet picture below.

The baseball star also made headlines recently for his contributions in restoring life and limbs to a child fire victim. In his acts of kindness, he continuously reminds others what being a Christian athlete is truly about. If you love this story, share it on your Facebook page!

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