After Tim Allen Says This About Hollywood, ABC Axes His Hit Conservative TV Show

May 12, 2017May 12, 2017

The recent news about "Last Man Standing" being cancelled is a huge disappointment to many. It was one of the only network shows that appealed to a conservative audience.

Tim Allen played Mike Baxter, a family man of three daughters with a strong marriage and conservative values. The show was ABC's second-highest comedy, and 3rd ranking show altogether, behind Modern Family and Grey's Anatomy.

So why the sudden cancellation? Many viewers are crying foul, claiming it's because the show was so conservative and because Allen is a Trump-supporter. 

Allen even hinted at the animosity towards anyone who speaks out against the left in Hollywood, shares Fox News. Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel just this March, Allen said: 

"You gotta be real careful around here. You get beat up if you don't believe what everybody else believes. This is like '30s Germany."

Faithful viewers of Last Man Standing are not happy, and many are encouraging a boycott, as seen by these tweets.

What do you think of the cancellation of Last Man Standing? Do you think it's because of the conservative message? Share your thoughts in the Comments!

As for us, we are very disappointed! We loved that show!