After The Attack On Syria, Other Countries Just Threatened The U.S.

April 09, 2017Apr 09, 2017

After the U.S. attack on Syria, a command center operated by Russian and Iranian groups issued a statement on Sunday threatening our country.

“The aggression against Syria oversteps all red lines. We will react firmly to any aggression against Syria and to any infringement of red lines, whoever carries them out. The United States knows very well our ability to react.”

Other sources reported the statement also claimed Russia will not hesitate to ‘respond with force’.

Russia and Iran’s statement is following President Trump’s recent order of nearly 60 cruise missiles to attack Syria. Trump’s order was in response to the Syrian government usage of chemical weapons on Tuesday, which killed nearly 80 civilians.

On April 7th, Russia initially started expressing signs of aggression towards the U.S. A statement was released claiming the attack damaged the Russo-American relationship.

Even though some countries are angered about the attack, others are praising President Trump’s decision.

The Prime Minister of Israel ensured the action was for ‘moral reasons in light of a difficult scene’. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also issued a statement fully supporting the United States, saying ‘Syria’s use of chemical weapons cannot be ignored’.

During this time, let’s pray for our President to be guided by God’s wisdom and trust that He will provide!

What are your thoughts about Russia’s remarks against the U.S.?

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