After Terrorist Attacks, Trump Has THESE Strong Words That Aren't Going To Make Obama, Hillary Happy

September 19, 2016Sep 19, 2016

In the wake of terrorist attacks in New York, Minnesota, and New Jersey that injured at least 38 people and could have killed many more, Donald Trump has strong words for those not tough on terror.

On Twitter, he wrote, "Terrible attacks in NY, NJ and MN this weekend. Thinking of victims, their families and all Americans! We need to be strong!"

Earlier, he had written, "I would like to express my warmest regards, best wishes and condolences to all of the families and victims of the horrible bombing in NYC."

But he also took on the current administration, writing, "Under the leadership of Obama & Clinton, Americans have experienced more attacks at home than victories abroad. Time to change the playbook! Once again someone we were told is ok turns out to be a terrorist who wants to destroy our country & its people- how did he get thru system?"

Later he added, "Hillary Clinton's weakness while she was Secretary of State, has emboldened terrorists all over the world to attack the U.S., even on our own soil. They are hoping and praying that Hillary Clinton becomes President - so that they can continue their savagery and murder."

Do you think Trump will be tougher on terrorism than Hillary?