After Target's 'Bold' Bathroom Stance, Are Other Stores Following? Well...

April 29, 2016Apr 29, 2016

After musician Bruce Springsteen cancelled his North Carolina concert because the state enacted a new law confirming that people had to use the bathrooms that match their biological sex and not simply their "preferred gender," other music artists were quick to jump on board and cancel their concerts in the state as well because of their disbelief and revulsion with the very idea that anyone would ever make men use the men's restroom and women use the women's restroom.


In response to their own disgust with the law, Target last week loudly announced their "inclusivity" policy, which allows any customer or employee to use any bathroom that corresponds with their self-determined "gender identity" regardless of whether it matches their actual biological sex.

It's likely the major retailer expected some backlash from conservative consumers, but what resulted was a massive outcry with over 1 million people signing a "Boycott Target Pledge" and many others tearing up their credit cards and giving the company a piece of their mind (or even the pieces of the cards mailed in an envelope).

And as for other major stores quickly and publicly jumping on the bandwagon to stand with Target on their "progressive" restroom platform?


USA Today actually had to go out and do an investigative piece to find other companies that have a similar bathroom policies.

When asked, Barnes & Noble clearly stated that, "For our transgender employees and customers, that means that they are allowed to use the bathroom of the gender they identify with."

They didn't go as far as to say, as one Target manager admitted, that a non-transgender man could simply "self-identity" as a woman one day in order to use the women's restroom and identify as a man the next.

Other companies seemed reluctant to publicly state their policy as boldly. Starbucks, for instance, said they're looking at doing something similar in jurisdictions where it's allowed, but they didn't make a bubbly statement about accepting and celebrating the transgender community like Target did.

When questioned by USA Today, Sears and Kmart said "We are fortunate to serve a diverse customer base across the United States" but wouldn't elaborate on what that meant for their restrooms.

Walmart, Whole Foods, and Macy's did not comment.