After Stunning Results In Iowa THIS Candidate Surges To 2nd Place In Latest New Hampshire Poll

February 04, 2016Feb 04, 2016

No one predicted Marco Rubio’s strong showing in Iowa where he finished in third place with 23.1 percent of the vote.  Rubio narrowly missed taking the second place mantle away from Donald Trump who held onto second place by a narrow 1.3 percent margin.

While Cruz was the clear winner in Iowa, all of the focus has now shifted to New Hampshire where the top three candidates in Iowa are again battling for the top spot.

The latest poll from New Hampshire shows that this race is just beginning and is wide open.  According to the Hill, Donald Trump still holds a large lead with 36 percent of the vote. 

The surprise of the new poll is that following his strong showing in Iowa, Rubio has surged into 2nd place with 15 percent of the vote.  Right on Rubio’s heels is Ted Cruz who holds down the 3rd spot with 14 percent of the vote.

Just as shocking as Rubio’s ascent to 2nd place is that Jeb Bush and John Kasich hold the 4th and 5th place spots with 8 and 7 percent support.