Upset Crowd Descends on Starbucks After Trump Supporter Mocked by Staff

June 28, 2017Jun 28, 2017

A woman in Charlotte, North Carolina reportedly had her visit to a local Starbucks turn nasty after baristas bullied and mocked her for wearing a T-shirt that supported President Trump. The incident occurred earlier this month in the Dilworth neighborhood.

“I just found it really sad that I can’t wear a T-shirt with our president without being made fun of,” Kayla Hart told reporters, according to the Charlotte Observer.

Then last Saturday, after her story made headlines, a group of over 50 Trump supporters showed up at the Starbucks to protest. They proceeded to scream at the employees, smash all the cafe’s windows, assault several bystanders, fight with responding law enforcement officers, and set fire to the building along with half of the other businesses on the block — including several that happened to be owned by Trump-supporting Republicans.

No, wait, these are conservative protesters we’re talking about. What actually happened was a lighthearted sit-in by conservative customers who wanted to send a message to Starbucks but didn’t want the local business itself to suffer by taking up seats without paying for anything.

The Trump T-shirt-wearing protesters calmly filed into the building and ordered drinks while using the names of Trump cabinet members for their orders.

One of the protesters, Shellie Anderson, said, “I gave them the name Trump and...they were very gracious about it. We just wanted to reverse the little negativity…. It’s really good to come together and take something negative and just come in here and be respectful.”

Another demonstrator, James Tatro, explained, “We wanted the staff to see that Trump supporters are just as human as anyone else. We live in a diverse city. It’s unacceptable in a modern society to make a customer feel uncomfortable, whether it’s a liberal business mistreating a conservative customer or a conservative business mistreating a liberal customer.”

Starbucks has since responded to their employees’ inexcusable treatment of Hart.

“This experience is absolutely not consistent with our standards or the respectful experience we want to provide to our customers,” assured corporate spokesman Reggie Borges.

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