After Police Dog Is Shot In Head, His Human Partner Does THIS For Him

December 23, 2015Dec 23, 2015

According to Good Morning America, Anaheim Police officer R. J. Young said his world came crashing down when his long-time partner get shot in the head. But his partner was not the two-legged kind but rather the four-legged — a 7-year-old sable German shepherd named Bruno.

R.J. said, "The bond is unexplainable. Seeing him the way he is kills me."

Bruno was recently shot point blank in the face while chasing down a suspect in the midst of a gun battle. Emergency responders quickly cleared a path for Bruno to be rushed to the animal ER. After surgery, Bruno is recovering from his horrific injuries.

R.J's wife Rachel said, "I know a lot of people may not understand. They may say it's just a dog, but this dog went with him everywhere. The dog spends more time with him than I spend with him."

With gratitude for taking a bullet for him, R.J. plans to adopt Bruno and cover the rest of his medical expenses.

Watch the video report below: