After Matt Lauer's Firing, 'Today Show' Announces Another Member is Leaving

December 14, 2017Dec 14, 2017

Recently, America was stunned when one of the most iconic members of the Today Show was fired. Matt Lauer was abruptly terminated following allegations of sexual misconduct in the workplace.

Now, the Today Show is announcing that another famous member of the cast is leaving. It's a bittersweet day as the Today family says goodbye to their black lab, Charlie!

"Fortunately, we know Charlie is going to a good home. Veteran Stacy Pearsall, a former staff sergeant and aerial combat photojournalist for the United States Air Force, will be his new owner now that she's disabled and retired from service following three combat tours," according to Today.

Charlie has been with the Today Show since he was a puppy. He quickly became a fan favorite and has adapted well to life in the spotlight.

Charlie will be a great addition to the life of Pearsall. She recently opened up about admitting to needing help and the profound way Charlie will help her in life.

"It took a lot for me to admit that I needed help," she said. "That's really contrary to everything that I am. ... And now that Charlie is in my life, he's going to help me move forward with dealing with that."

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