Trump Responds to Bizarre String of Supportive Tweets from Rapper Kanye West

April 25, 2018Apr 25, 2018

Rapper Kanye West — also known as Kim Kardashian’s husband — has been tweeting some political things lately that have gotten both conservatives and liberals to notice. It all started when he praised black conservative woman Candace Owens for her warning about focusing too much on racism, Fox News reported.

Here are a few examples:

Despite the rapper never having been a conservative icon, the Washington Post labeled him an “alt-right darling.” Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro of the Daily Wire warned conservatives to “stop fawning over celebrities who occasionally say stuff you like.”

After getting heavily criticized by liberals, Kanye defended President Trump in a bizarre string of tweets on Wednesday.

But after explaining all that, Kanye posted a photo of himself wearing Trump’s iconic “Make America Great Again” hat.

The president soon responded.

The Washington Examiner noted that Kanye has met with Trump before to talk about multicultural issues.

At the time, Trump said, “He’s a good man. We’ve been friends for a long time.”

What do you think of this? In other news, beware of a popular frozen treat for your kids this summer. It’s getting recalled for a scary reason.

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